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Plan for using and disseminating knowledge

The Plan for Using and Disseminating Knowledge is a working document intended to provide guidelines for the dissemination of the Euro−limpacs results. The document presents a strategy that is mainly applicable at the international level. However, the principles and the examples presented can provide ideas and orientation for disseminating Project−generated knowledge at national level by individual partners. The coordinator has a substantial role in promoting the dissemination activities, but at national level, each partner is encouraged to take action and disseminate Project output in their respective national languages and in specific research areas. The Plan is therefore, a flexible instrument that can be used and constantly updated with additional inputs, providing the necessary framework to ensure the success of the dissemination strategy of this large and complex Project. The objectives of the Plan are:

to co−ordinate project dissemination, reporting and publicity activities,

i) to engage end−users and stakeholders,
ii) to disseminate the key tools developed in WP6−9,
iii) to co−ordinate key methodological approaches, especially within WP1−5 and
iv) to coordinate events involving the project

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