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Report describing specification of wetland productivity model

This deliverable contains a description of the dynamic simulation model CNP20. This model has been developed under the EU project FAEWE to model primary production of wetland vegetation in relation to the interactions of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling. The model is particularly designed to test the effect of hydroperiod on nutrient dynamics and primary production in wetlands. It has been used during FAEWE and PROTOWET to test the effects of restoration measures such as rewetting of drained wetland slopes and to test the effects of eutrophication. The model description has been published. Further applications of the model include a landscape analysis of rewetting of a slope wetland along the River Torridge (Devon, UK) and an analysis of the effects of nutrient enrichment of wetlands in the same catchment. The description of the model is provided here in two parts, which were both generated by the STELLA modelling environment. Part A contains the model diagram; whereas part B contains the model equations.

The CNP20 model will be used in Euro−Limpacs to test the effects of future climate change on the productivity and nutrient dynamics of wetlands. For this exercise, the model has been calibrated for a wetland slope and adjacent floodplain area along the Torridge, which is part of the Tamar catchment. Within WP1, detailed predictions of climate in 2085 at this location will be used to modify the meteorological inputs to the model (rainfall, annual cycle of growing season) and test the effects on hydroperiod and associated changes in nutrient dynamics and productivity. This modelling exercise will start after Month 18.

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