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Data on species response to discharge dynamics - to be transferred to indicators species database in WP7

This report describes how data on species response to discharge dynamics were collated during the first part of the Project. The purpose of this task was to select key taxa or functional groups reflecting discharge dynamics following a desk study and from field data. Gravel bed or riffle inhabiting taxa will be used as responses in factorial−designed experiments in artificial streams. Species? response to discharge dynamics will be classified and become part of the indicator species database developed in WP 7. Laboratory experiments will commence in Year 3.

From month 13−20 existing data were reviewed and combined with new data collected by other sub−tasks in WP2. The aim was to identify at least 10 macroinvertebrate taxa that showed potential as indicators of different discharge regimes through their association with particular in−stream mesohabitats. There has been a substantial amount of work carried out on this subject in the recent past in the UK. The outputs from Task 2.1 were also reviewed to identify suitable indicator taxa in the Netherlands and UK. These data sources provided us with a good basis for the review. At month 20 the compilation of a list of indicator taxa to be used as response variables in the artificial stream experiments was finalised.

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