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Report describing the dependence between accumulation of POPs in snow and annual average air temperature

This deliverable takes the form of a manuscript submitted to Freshwater Biology

Snow dependence of the input of organochlorine compounds into European high mountain lakes.

Joan O. Grimalt, Pilar Fernández and Roberto Quiroz

Organochlorine compounds are regularly found in snow collected in the catchments of lakes from European high mountain sites. PCBs were found in all samples examined. HCHs are also rather common whereas DDTs and HCB were found less frequently. Representation of the snow concentrations of the PCB congeners vs mean annual winter temperature show statistically significant dependence in all cases. According to the observed correlation coefficients, the less volatile exhibit higher temperature dependences than the more volatile congeners. This trend differs from other altitudinal dependences observed in other sites such as Canada and may be related with the specific winter temperature ranges in each area of study.

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