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Report highlighting outcomes of first specialist workshop on ecological indicators identifying methodologies and data sets to be used

Deliverable 7 comprises a report from a 3−day training course on ecological indicators for German water managers and stakeholders held at the University of Duisburg−Essen (UDE), Essen, Germany on 13th−15th June 2005. 22 members of regional and national water boards and consultancies from all over Germany attended the course ‘Bio−indication and bio−assessment in rivers under the constraints of the Water Framework Directive and Climate Change’. Topics covered included the theoretical background of macroinvertebrate sampling in streams and rivers, sampling site selection, materials needed and explanation of sampling methods. The requirements and demands for species based identification were asserted on the basis of an operational taxa list, which takes the main ecological indicators of German rivers into account. Assessment software was introduced for stream bio−assessment in Germany. Practical training in sampling and sorting was undertaken in the field. The ecological requirements of selected macroinvertebrate taxa and their use as ecological indicators provided the focus of lectures.

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