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Report providing an overview of existing information on ecosystem degradation and restoration projects

During meetings of the WP8 Task 3 team an overview of current and potential future causes of ecosystem degradation was generated. For each degradation type, various specific restoration measures are applied to restore the ecosystem to a less degraded stage. A pan−European survey was carried out to give an overview of restoration projects (Deliverable 33). As the causes of ecosystem degradation and the types of restoration measures vary widely, the WP8 Task 3 team identified a set of key degradation types and restoration measures in European freshwater ecosystems.

This report (deliverable 73) summarises information on these key degradation types and associated restoration measures in European freshwater ecosystems. The various sections are authored by a number of Euro−limpacs participants and deal with specific freshwater ecosystem type. These sections contain abstracts and outlines which are planned to be worked out into journal papers to be submitted to the Journal of Applied Ecology before the end of 2005. The editors of this journal have accepted a proposal for a special feature with the following title: “Restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in European freshwater ecosystems: An evaluation of successes and failures in the light of climate change”.

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