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Report providing guidelines and an outline methodology for stakeholder and end user involvement in DSS development

It is a declared goal of the Euro−limpacs project to create results which are, as far as possible, useful for, and accessible to, potential end−users. These end−users include those responsible for implementing the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) at all relevant levels (i.e. from those responsible for individual catchments to those tasked with national scale implementation), together with policy makers and decision makers in the field of climate change

The Euro−limpacs proposal specifies that “the tools and systems will fully involve users and stakeholders and will be demonstrated at study catchments”. Further, the project has committed itself to “meet requirements of end users at both the National and European level and the catchment level”.

The project is not responsible for making decisions but the intention is to provide information and instruments to enable “end−users” to make more reliable decisions as well as to communicate information, options and decisions to the public. Hence the focus of activities lies in the engagement of end−users and the analysis of their requirements. This is not to be confused with the formal stakeholder engagement as requirement for the WFD implementation process, which is to be run by the water boards (or other competent authorities). This means the purpose of stakeholder (and end−user) engagement in this case is to get an input for the development of our DSS, to hear whether a DSS is needed, what features are required etc. The engagement of end users will help to produce a system that works and provides useful information.

Other important objectives of stakeholder engagement include;
i) Integration of knowledge at the catchment scale.
ii) Identification of relevant land uses with impacts on ecosystems, climate (change)
iii) Identification of relevant land users who might be affected either by climate change or by decisions in interrelation with wetlands conservation
iv) Sensitisation of stakeholders? awareness of climate change /problems caused by land use.

This report provides guidelines and an outline methodology for stakeholder and end user involvement in DSS development.

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