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Report on pre-treatment studies for lake manipulation experiment

The main aim of WP1 Task 3.3 is to carry out a whole−lake experiment (THERMOS) to study climate change impacts on lake chemistry and biology by manipulating the lake stratification pattern (thermocline depth) of a small humic lake in Finland. The mercury work in WP5, task 3 is a part of the experimental design and therefore results on mercury are also reported in this deliverable. There are also close links with the Norwegian THERMOS lake manipulation experiment, where a clear water deep mountain lake has been manipulated as part of a national project.

Detailed monitoring of several chemical and biological variables (mainly weekly−biweekly sampling) is on−going in a) the reference lake Valkea−Kotinen and b) the manipulation lake Halsjärvi (southern Finland). A subcontract with the Lammi Biological Station, University of Helsinki, has been drawn up. The tasks described in the subcontract include assistance with field work, sample preparation and analyses. The planned schedule of the experiment was to carry out preparatory work in 2004 (development of equipment, background monitoring, and physical modeling for experimental design), followed by two years of intensive manipulation studies in 2005−2006, and continuation of background monitoring in 2007−2008. This report describes the preparatory work carried out for the manipulation experiment (2004 and first part of 2005).

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