Euro-limpacs Deliverables


Report on site selection, coring data and methodology for analysis of variability in pre-disturbance sediment samples

The structure and functioning of freshwater ecosystems varies through time in response to natural fluctuations in the climate system. The amplitude and frequency of variability can potentially be recognised using palaeolimnological techniques, although where human impact has occurred this approach is restricted to to the time−period before disturbance. Euro−limpacs aims to develop a framework for investigating variability in ecosystem structure and functioning, in species assemblages and in key palaeolimnological proxies. In a series of reports, the methods for investigating variability will be presented and exemplified in a series of case studies based on the application of these methods to sediment sequences from a range of lake−types. This report outlines the initial phase of this work, including site selection for the application of techniques, and descriptions of the first tranche of methods that have been applied to Kassjön, a site in Northern Sweden.

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