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Report on the impact of changing climate on the water cycle at key sites

The work, reported here, is part of Workpackage 1, Task 2.1. This task deals with the potential impact of changing climate on catchment mass fluxes. Existing meteorological, hydrological, biogeochemical and palaeolimnological data together with data from future climate scenarios are used to evaluate, how the components of the water cycle and catchment mass fluxes respond to past and predicted future changes in regional climate.
Long−term data series of air temperature and precipitation at selected key sites have been collated and evaluated for possible time trends. Predicted future changes of temperature and precipitation towards the end of this century have been estimated from climate scenario data, which were derived from the RCAO model of SMHI (Sweden) for the SRES scenarios A2 and B2 (Räisänen et al., 2004).

Here we concentrate on the impact of changing air temperature and precipitation on the water cycle at five key sites, i.e. the catchments of Valkea−Kotinen (Finland), Certovo Lake (Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic), Skalnaté pleso (Tatra Mountains, Poland), Lakes Boden and Lakes Paione (Italy), and Piburger See (Tyrol, Austria).

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