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Report - Habitat preferences of selected indicators

Task 2 of Workpackage 2, in combination with task 3 and 5, deals with the major question: ?What is the relation between discharge dynamics, hydromorphology in terms of habitat stability and diversity and the occurrence of indicator species in other words how tolerant are indicator species to habitat (in)stability??
The first step was the selection of indicator species. Indicator species should be representative of the important stream habitats (proposed sand and detritus patches) under study. Furthermore, indicator species should be indicative for direct effects of habitat change, thus become more (indicator of disturbance) or less (indicator of reference) abundant if the habitat is disrupted.

This report compiles the selection of indicators and the analysis of their habitat preferences. This was necessary before testing the tolerance for habitat instability and to examine the causes of habitat binding of selected indicators. The report also adds to Deliverable 94.

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