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Report - Impacts of climate/land use/hydromorphology on the community

Land use and ecosystem exploitation have been the primary forces causing loss of biological diversity (Vitousek et al. 1997; Sala et al. 2000). Land cover patterns are obviously linked to landscape alteration for agricultural, industrial and residential needs, yet few studies have considered the extent to which the nature of the land cover is associated with differences in biodiversity (see Kindscher and Scott, 1997; Crow et al. 1999; Lovett-Doust and Kuntz 2001). Thus, effects of land cover on biodiversity in remaining natural areas need to be considered in conservation programs (Lovett-Doust and Kuntz 2001).

The present deliverable assess the relationships between biota, land cover, climate and hydromorphology in stream ecosystems. We propose to illustrate these relationships using the analysis of databases at two spatial scales: (1) Adour-Garonne (Southwestern France) catchment, and (2) the European scale (database of AQEM/STAR projects).

First, at the Adour-Garonne catchment scale, three studies were conducted to assess:

  • the impact of land-cover on fish species distribution
  • the impact of land cover and hydromorphology on fish species distribution
  • the impact of climate and hydromorphology on fish species distribution

Second, at the European spatial scale, a synthesis of available data, previous studies and further works is presented.

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