Future challenges to WFD implementation

Future ChallengesREFRESH has produced a new report on future challenges to implementing the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and associated commitments under the Natura 2000 directive.  This report is the result of a London workshop attended by policy-makers from across Europe, together with some scenario scientists working on scenarios in REFRESH, held in March 2011.
The report considers potential challenges posed not just by climate and environmental changes, but also by societal and policy changes.  Building on these, it highlights research needs and key responses that may assist in tackling these challenges.  At present, policies may not be sufficiently 'future-proofed', but, some responses now- such as better handling and reducing uncertainty, promoting partnership working, and allowing flexible adaptive management - may allow us to sustainably protect freshwaters and safeguard the range of ecosystem services delivered to 2050 and beyond.

Click here for this report:  Waylen, K.A., Slee, R., Helliwell, R., Brown, I., Morris, S., Blackstock, K (2011).  Report from REFRESH Cross-European Policy Workshop, London 16-17th March 2011, REFRESH Deliverable 1.13.  The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, UK

The scenarios of future environmental change presented at the London workshop can be downloaded from here.

For more information contact Dr Kerry Waylen - kerry.waylen@hutton.ac.uk